Seeing 2020

Happy New Year – kinda. I’m using this Leap Day to blog since I haven’t shared anything here in a while. Trust me, I’ve been busy, but mainly on social media:

Facebook and Twitter: Lots of meal rep posts and reposts of recipes, etc.

Instagram: A new venture. Be sure to follow me!

What’s been going on lately? Well, here’s the skinny since I haven’t blogged since this past summer, I think…

  1. My older sister’s diagnosis of Sjogren’s syndrome has been changed to moderate lupus. Eek. Lupus and Sjogren’s are cousins, so I can understand that. However, she does have more skin issues than I do, so it makes sense. She already has rheumatoid arthritis (another cousin) and was also diagnosed with lymphedema. I think that the Fight Like a Girl tote bag that I got her for Christmas will come in handy right now.
  2. My younger sister packed up her family and moved to Tennessee in hopes of a better paying job in education. They have a pretty nice place to stay, and they seem to be adjusting well. I’ve been there to visit a couple of times already, and I got to check out stores that aren’t where I live such as Aldi and Ikea. I didn’t make it to Costco, but we’re finally getting one in my area, so that’s cool.
  3. I nearly LOST IT after spending three months redesigning the website for work. Not that the design work was challenging because it’s not new to me – it was dealing with the old system structure causing conflicts with the new during the transition. I had to take a mental health day at one point due to an unexpected request to roll back to the previous version of the site to retrieve files. I am slowing cleaning out the remnants of the old albatross to keep the system stable.
  4. Perimenopause can go kick rocks. What’s the point of skipping cycles if I’m still going to be in pain? I had to take to the rest of the week off from work thanks to this hot garbage.
  5. I’m at a spiritual crossroads. I decided to do a reset and determine what I really want in terms of connecting with a place of worship before committing myself again. The problem is that I’m probably about 20 years into the future as far as what I want where I live: a nondenominational, dogma-free, multicultural environment that accepts everyone regardless of who they are, will let me fully be myself and will not force me into any obligations. There’s more than that, but I don’t want to scare any of you, LOL.

That’s the short version of what’s been happening with me. I’ll try to get back to weekly posts, although it may end up being monthly. We’ll see.

Oh, I didn’t add a GIF yet. Hmm, let’s see…

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