Something to consider…In 2017, after being rushed to the ER and experiencing all kinds of random pain, swelling, etc., I had my last-straw experience and decided to try to find out what was wrong with me. The PCP at a clinic I was going to chalked it up to anxiety. Anxiety. 🤦🏾‍♀️ (That’s why I hate mentioning my history of anxiety and depression on forms because they tend to not go any further.)

Anyway, after testing positive for Sjogren’s through bloodwork ordered by a NP, a rheumatologist that I went to later didn’t trust the test results. She ran a different kind of test that made her determine that I didn’t have it. Hmph.So, after switching to a rheumatologist that’s 45 minutes away, she believed the results, called the other doctor “textbook” and started a treatment plan.I was glad that I found a doctor who would listen, but I kind of wondered if I actually had some sort of unspecified autoimmune issue and not Sjogren’s.

Then…Guess who just tested positive for Sjogren’s as well? My older sister.


Now I no longer have doubts, and I get to help my sister out on her own journey.I am sooooo tempted to write both of the doctors who doubted me and tell them why I’m not losing it. 😂

The end.

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